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Why Does The Town Send Me A Request For Income And Expenses (Chapter 91)?

Regardless of whether you have filed a tax appeal, the town has the right to request income and expense information (Chapter 91) from all commercial or income-producing properties, and a failure by the owner to respond in a timely manner may result in dismissal of any tax appeal the following year. Our firm recommends owners routinely respond to those requests from the Tax Assessor within the given time frame so that you do not lose your right to appeal the assessment the following year.

The town may file a Motion to dismiss your case for a number of reasons. The primary reasons are that the property taxes were not current when the appeal was filed, you have not properly responded to the town’s request for income and expense information (Chapter 91), or you have not completed your answers to interrogatories.

When we send you a copy of the town’s motion please review it and call one of our attorneys to discuss your defense at 973-380-0375.