Righting Property Tax Reassessment Wrongs In New Jersey

Stay On Top of Your Property Tax Liability

Other lawyers, the local assessor's office and your friends might tell you it's difficult and time-consuming to appeal the assessed value of your property. Or, you may be dismayed to see your town has done a reassessment and increased your assessment. Our firm successfully reduces property tax burdens for commercial, residential, industrial and other property owners throughout New Jersey on a regular basis.

Many towns reassess properties annually, which presents opportunities for owners of large estates and other properties worth over $1 million to be able to save tens of thousands of dollars on their tax assessments with our help. We take a cost-sensitive approach to property tax litigation that can also help households on a budget.

Over 30 Years of Experience in Real Estate and Property Tax Law

At Irwin & Heinze, P.A., we are specifically focused on real estate tax matters. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, property management and leasing companies, real estate investors, universities, small businesses, single-family homeowners and multi-family homeowners.

The level of skill, sophistication and personal service you receive from our attorneys in Chatham is second to none. We are a hands-on team experienced in all possible aspects of tax disputes, ranging from informal negotiations with municipal assessors and County Boards of Taxation to multimillion-dollar appeals in the Tax Court of New Jersey, the Superior Court Appellate Division and the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Savings Can Be Found Whether the Market Is Up or Down

Municipalities assess your property taxes based on the combined value of your land and all buildings on that land. It matters whether your property is income-producing or not, though what you actually receive in rent may or may not tell the true story of your property's value. The actual value given to your property varies from year to year even though you don't see a change in the assessment. We can help you tell up from down and make sense of your property's tax assessment.

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