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An Appeal May Be In Your Best Interests When Property Tax Assessments Are Unreasonable

There is a multitude of factors that contribute to determining whether your property is fairly assessed. In addition, in municipalities that have not conducted a reassessment or revaluation, the law gives your assessment a 15% window, or a range of values in which the assessment will be affirmed by the court. We are thoroughly familiar with all the relevant factors and can advise you whether your property is your family’s home, the home of your business or the home of your carefully invested capital.

As the property owner, you must prove to the County Board of Taxation or the Tax Court of New Jersey that the true market value of your property is such that you are entitled to a lower assessment from the municipality that maximizes property tax savings. In the event our lawyers would need to challenge the municipality’s assessment, the appeals process would follow.

How To Establish That Your Assessment Is Accurate And Fair

The New Jersey Legislature adopted the Chapter 123 formula in 1973, and it operates to this day as a mechanism used to test tax assessment fairness. This formula allows the County Board of Taxation and the Tax Court of New Jersey to compare the true market value of your property to the assessment and provide you with a decision on whether your assessment will be reduced.

At Heinze Law, P.A., we will guide you in the process of building your case to show the municipality, county tax board or the state tax court that your property is entitled to a reduction in its assessment.

Offering Free Reviews Every Year From January Through March 30

Most of our clients face an appeal deadline of April 1, but deadlines may vary if you received your assessment notice late or your property was recently reassessed or revalued. However, if you wish to appeal to the Monmouth County Board of Taxation, the deadline for appeal is January 15 if your property tax assessment is $1 million or less. If we deem it will be in your best interests to appeal your assessment, we will seek to optimize the results of your appeal.

Benefits Of Hiring A Property Tax Attorney For The Appeals Process

With our help, you do not have to concern yourself with filing deadlines, evaluating comparable sales evidence, submitting credible and compelling sales evidence for the tax assessor or dealing with complex laws regarding property tax reassessments and appeals. We will manage all aspects of your case and conduct negotiations with the government on your behalf.

  • We will help you get an unbiased, comprehensive appraisal of your property or properties by an expert appraiser. We will screen appraisals and assessments for accuracy and completeness.
  • Our lawyers handle County Board of Taxation hearings and pre-hearing negotiations. We present and defend your case, challenging the assessor’s evidence, negotiating settlements and negotiating future property tax assessments.
  • We also handle trials before the Tax Court of New Jersey, pretrial hearings and negotiations, and further appeals to the appellate division of the Superior Court and Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Talk With One Of Our Skilled Tax Lawyers Now

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We typically bill our clients on a contingency fee basis.