Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment In New Jersey

The Property Tax Appeal Process

Once we have determined a property tax appeal is warranted in your case, the appeal must be filed with the County Board of Taxation or the State Tax Court of New Jersey, depending on your property's assessed value. Your filing deadline may be extended to May 1 if your municipality has implemented a revaluation or reassessment in the prior tax year.

Please note that appeals in Monmouth County for properties assessed at less than $1 million must be filed by January 15.

Following discovery, the tax assessor may request to inspect your property to update information he or she has on file, and to evaluate property-specific circumstances such as flooding issues, limited property development opportunity, depreciation, deterioration, miscalculation of square footage by the assessor's office, etc.

At Irwin & Heinze, P.A., we attempt to settle the matter with the assessor and municipal attorney. Settlement can occur outside of the court process or in court if required by the judge.

Caveats to the process:

  • Appeals by business entities, other than sole proprietors, must be prosecuted by an attorney admitted to practice law in New Jersey.
  • If your property is assessed for more than $1 million, we usually file directly with the Tax Court of New Jersey.

Cost-Effective Management of Your Court Case

If your case cannot be resolved in the settlement conference, our firm and the municipal assessor will hire appraisal experts to appraise your property. At this point, either the County Board of Taxation or the State Tax Court judge, depending on where your case is filed, will set a trial schedule.

How Long Is the Property Tax Appeal Process?

Cases filed before the County Boards of Taxation are typically heard a few months after the initial filling. Judgments are received shortly after County Board of Taxation hearing dates in most cases. However, resolution of cases at the State Tax Court may take longer, sometimes over a year, depending on a number of factors including the complexity of the case and the current caseload of the Tax Court.

If your appeal must go to the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court or the Supreme Court of New Jersey, the resolution of your case will depend on the court's schedule, court deliberation and settlement discussions.

To your benefit, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis and advocate for you throughout the process.

Benefits of Hiring Irwin & Heinze, P.A.

With over 30 years of experience, our team is fully capable of handling all aspects of your appeal efficiently and completely, including:

  • Meeting deadlines for filing your appeal
  • Evaluating comparable sales evidence and screening for accuracy
  • Submitting evidence of market value to the tax assessor
  • Negotiating settlement with the municipality
  • Securing a trusted, expert appraiser
  • Presenting and defending your case in all legal venues
  • Challenging the assessor's evidence and cross-examining the assessor or municipal expert
  • Negotiating future tax assessments

We litigate cases for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout New Jersey. Every case is unique, and the valuation process of every type of property varies significantly, requiring far more than a cursory knowledge of the appeals process to secure a favorable outcome for your maximum savings.

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