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The most comon questions that we get asked at
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If there is any question that is not listed below please give a call so that we can supply you with the proper information.

1. What is a tax assessment?
2. What is my town's ratio between assessment and market value in 2015?
3. What is a tax appeal?
4. What is a revaluation?
5. How do I know if I should file a tax appeal?
6. What is the Deadline for Filing my appeal?
7. How does the tax appeal process work?
8. How long will my case take?
9. What information do you need to review my case?
10. What is the difference between an appeal at the County Tax Board and the NJ Tax Court?
11. Who should I contact for an update on my pending case?
12. What are interrogatories?
13. What are supplemental interrogatories?
14. Why are interrogatories necessary?
15. Why does the town send me a request for income and expenses (Chapter 91)?
16. Do my taxes have to be current to proceed with my tax appeal?
17. What if I sell my property while I have a tax appeal pending?
18. Do I have to appear in court when my case is heard?
19. Why did I receive a Motion to Dismiss my case?


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